Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Disappointing show

Well I went to the Fashion & Embroidery Show with great expectations especially as it had improved last year over the previous one.

There was a lot of very beautiful and high standard work to see from groups and individuals but sadly there were very few traders. I have never seen so few at a show. Consequently I didn't spend as much as I might have done with more to choose from.

I bought some transfer paints, more medium for making silk paper/fabric, a couple of jars of Lumiere paints, some gold and silver wax crayons to grate and melt, a few reels of thread and metallic twist and a few half meters of metallic fabrics which I couldn't resist. This small amount wasn't exactly cheap but no where near what i usually spend at a show. Unfortunately Ally Pally is too far from me and would mean overnight stays and I would prefer to spend that money on 'stash' so will not be going.

I am, therefore, a bit disappointed and down. Should not have built up my expectations so high. Came away early and got on with my own work.

I did meet up with a former coleague who had been staring at my OH who asked me if I knew this person. When I looked, I recognised her and we had a good chat and looked at each others pictures of grandchildren. Ahhh!!! Her friend, as it turned out, was going to the cub camp that evening which is where my grandson and his parents were going too for a cub camp weekend. Small world.

I finished the art quilt I was on with but not sure about it. (Twice now, although when a friend saw the last one I wasn't sure about, she liked it so.. but it didn't photograph well either so will not be posting it)

Instead I am posting a couple of the photographs I took of the fuchsias I did a study on last week.

I quite like them against a black background - more moody.

It did make me use a tripod - the one we dont't take with us because it is so heavy BUT it is fabulous for indoor work and I loved it so will use it all the time indoors and probably the garden although with this latest camera I hardly ever need to use a tripod even in the dark. A macro study is a bit different.

I am now in the process of creating a new piece. It is based on another Art Nouveau design and I think will be a layered piece with different techniques for each layer. I have decided on the peacock feather but not the rest as yet.

So on with the feather...

Cheers everyone.

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Anonymous said...

Interested to see you included our encounter on your blog. This is the first time I have used a blog site so I'm a complete beginner here - different to when I was showing you how to put together the Maths plan on PC way back when...ha ha