Sunday, 19 October 2008

New printer and peacocks

After much research and deliberation I now have my new printer. It is so good I am rather pleased that my old one gave up on me. The down side is that I had just stocked up with several batches of new inks. Fortunately they fit my daughters printer so they will not be wasted. I hate waste of any kind as you will all have gathered from my previous posts.

I have finished the peacock piece I began last week.

The girl was created by couching copper fingering on black Thai silk. I bought the silk many years ago while on holiday in Thailand. I made my daughter a suit with it and it has returned to me me for recycling. I had to unpick the skirt for this piece. The rest is now ready for future pieces.

I have already begun the next piece. It is a peacock design by Aubrey Beardsley who was a popular turn of the century artist who transformed the art of illustration. . I don't like all of his work in fact some of it is quite grotesque but this is one which I do like. I was having problems deciding on a colour scheme but with the help and suggestions from Lynda I have finally made a decision. It has already been drawn and painted onto black satin and is ready for stitching.

It would have been finished but I have had my grandson staying and I have also been preparing for a workshop I am giving next week. We have also had a day out at Thorpe Perrow arboretum. It was a glorious day with clear blue skies and warm sunshine. It was still wet underfoot so we had to use poly bags to kneel on while taking some of the photos. I took so many that it has taken two days to process them all.

The bark on this tree was peeling off but it was too high to reach. It would be interesting to use it on a piece!!

This was the bark at the lower level - a useful piece of texture.

I have been to this arboretum several time but can't really remember these stone statues which were covered in moss and 'grunge'. Couldn't resist taking photos of them. They were apparently some king and queen according to the owner. I was more interested in the textures and colours on the stone much to his puzzlement.

I quite liked this shield which was on one of the stone angels. I can see a piece in this.

I have a day to myself today (Sunday) as my OH is off to act as support crew for a rally team he gives advice to. Hoping to get a lot done so I had better get to bed.

Cheers for now everyone.


SandyQuilts said...

WOW. I'm on the hunt for a new printer ... what did you buy may I ask? thanks

hippopip said...

Great post Shirley I too was going to ask you which printer you opted for,I quite fancy the one that prints directly onto fabric without it being treated.I have some silver birch bark if you would like it, just let me know

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Comments transferred from other blog-

Tricia Cook

Hi Shirley
Beautiful pictures, I especially like the stone work, the last one has a motif on it I have often used in my work. It’s a bit like Celtic Knotwork isn’t it. You have been busy. BW Tricia

Thanks Tricia. I love Celtic design which is probably why I was drawn to this. I have plans for this picture when I have waded through all the other planned work. It will go into my ‘Future pieces’ folder so I don’t forget.


I really like the peacock feather piece. Those stone statues are wonderful aren’t they.

Purple Missus said...

Wonderful blog as ever Shirley with some amazing work.
So glad you opted for the B&W&R colour scheme - it looks fantastic.
I'm going to come up your way one day and see all your beautiful pieces in person. :)
Any news of the book yet?

Lyssa said...

Hi Shirley,

I had an amazing dream last night about a stone queen, then this morning when I was writing about it and looking for an image I could use in association, I found this beautiful picture through Google images! I wanted to use it for my post, which I linked back to your blog site, because the queen was so perfect. If you would rather not have the image linked to you, I will remove it. Here is where I linked your photo: Please let me know! You have amazing photos here, and I've enjoyed browsing through your work : )