Tuesday, 9 September 2008

More Art quilts and other things.

Well, all went well at the meeting for the photo shoot. I met the photographer who is going to photograph my work for the book and the editor who is managing the publishing side of the book.

We discussed and agreed how each piece was to be photographed which took about three hours. Afterwards he showed me his set up for photographing the work and then his computer set up. He uses twin monitors and a computer with 12GB of RAM. I think the colour green comes to mind.

I am really looking forward to seeing the proofs. He said it would take him about a week to photograph everything and then send it all back to me which is good as it will save me another trip down to London.

Since my return I have managed to do make a couple of art quilts which seems to be my ‘thing’ at the moment - playing around with ideas and techniques.

The first one is an applique quilt of an Art Nouveau design which I adapted. I don’t know if the technique is as it should be or not - I simply follow my instincts and it seems to work.

The bottom edge was a last minute decision.

For the next quilt I used another Art Nouveau design - the squirly pattern - and put a graduated fill onto the background. I painted silk so that the three colours -gold, crimson and petrol blue- would bleed into each other. I traced the squirly design onto the silk and then machine quilted the design.

Now I am in the process of printing designs onto silk ready to applique/paint/quilt or whatever idea I come up with so watch this space.

Managed to do some gardening today or should I say attacked the jungle which has sprouted up thanks to all the rain. My green bin is full so I will have to wait for it to be emptied before I can cut down more of the jungle.

I have a talk to prepare for Saturday which is one I have given before so everything is ready. Just a quick run through to jog my memory.

It is late now and I still have some work to finish off so…

cheers everyone.

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Purple Missus said...

Great idea for the edging on the quilt Shirley. Really like the detail on this one, especially the flowers.