Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Unexpected photograph!

This week I went with my family to our camera club where we watched a presentation by a leading photographer - Patricia Jones. She was very inspiring and i can't wait for a decent day to go out and take more photos. She prints all her own photos and has gone through 7 printers. She is now sponsored by 'Photojet' who provide her with paper and inks which must be nice.

We arrived home at about 10.30pm so as we approached the front door the security light was triggered and there on the floor just in front of the arch was a pile of wet leaves (it must have rained while we were at the camera club) looking brilliant in the glare of the light.

Unfortunately for us we live at the end of a road and usually all the litter is eddied into our drive and makes a pile in front of our arch but this time of the year it is leaves. Being inspired by the presentation I got the camera and took some photos . My OH had to keep waving his arms and jumping about to keep the light on for me.

They have turned out well. Here is one of them:

Pretty good for hand held. The next morning in daylight , albeit the usual dull miserable grey we have become accustomed to , these same leaves looked totally uninspiring.

As usual I began to play with the image and came up with a couple of future usable images. I zoomed in and liked the colours and textures of the big leaf.

Then I played with some of the filters and came up with these-

Hmmm.. itchy fingers. I can see lots to do with these but they will have to wait. I have lots of pieces prepared and ongoing which need finishing first so back to the sewing.

Cheers everyone.

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hippopip said...

The leaves look very inspirational and the geisha is lovely