Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Pergola's completed

Just a quick post to show two of the finished pergola pieces. I am not showing the third one as I am not sure I like how it has turned out.

The hanging leaves has worked well and the loose leaves move about when a draft blows them. There are some loose leaves on the main body of the piece but thet don't show up so well on the image.

The purple piece was finished by adding some large leaf beads - it has used up all my packet of these and I can't remember where I bought them. Having said that - I really do need to use up some of my 'stash' so at least I had a place for them. They were just the right colours.

I did toy with giving it a blast with the heat gun but chickened out. I liked it as it was and was afraid that if I didn't like it after the blast I couldn't go back so I left it alone.

I am waiting for the final agreed list for the photo shoot then I can label and repack ready for my trip down to London.

My family have just come back from a break in London and my GS has been showing me his hundred plus photos he took. He did enjoy the visit. He is sleeping over tonight which is lovely as I haven't seen so much of him this school holiday.

Must away now and spend some time with GS so cheers everyone.


Cyber Fyber said...

Today I'm creating the labels for the ATCs in the upcoming CYBER FYBER exhibition. This allowed me to peek into your amazing blog and I just had to leave a comment because your work is so inspiring. Locomotive # 1 is AWESOME!
PS Thanks again for trading with me at CYBER FYBER

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Comments transferred from my other blog:

sharon young

Both pieces worked out really well, Shirley, the hanging leaves are lovely and I think you made the right decision not to zap them. I love the colour on the second piece and the centrepiece is perfect.
Re your comment on the steam festival, it was very boggy that day and several of the engines were slipping. Also there was a big show in Cornwall that was completely washed out, such a shame.


I love the hanging leaves. Well done! Your work is very interesting.

Debbi Baker

They are lovely Shirley - the second one particularly appeals to me!! It would have been interesting to see the results if the zapping but it certainly would be a risk!

Shirley, I love your pergola, it reminds me of looking up through the trees in a forest. Thanks for sharing, I am writing also because I would like to give to you the following:
You are the proud winner of two blog awards, congratulations, just go to my blog to collect and then pass these on, if you feel you would like to. Well, done Tricia

Purple Missus said...

These have worked out really well Shirley, and I agree, I too think you made the right decision not to zap them. I love the way the leaves fall off the first piece and the colours on the second piece are wonderful. I am sure we would all disagree with you if you showed us the third piece :)