Wednesday, 16 April 2008

A trip out and some photography and jewellery!

We took our grandson to the newly revamped Darlington railway museum - he being a train lover. It was worth one visit as it housed the original Locomotion Number 1 engine.
It was a good opportunity for our grandson to use the camera we gave him and we both took lots of photographs. I took photographs which I could play with and perhaps create some interesting digital images.
As we entered, there was a beautiful old wrought iron spiral staircase winding up to a door - don't know if the door led to anywhere or not. I took several photos of the staircase and played with them in Photoshop.

These two images were a result of that play time. There are lots of others and I still have to explore composites yet. Looking promising.

I also came across this wall sculpture of Locomotion Number 1.

I took some close ups too and then played with them - again in Photoshop.

I love the colours in the metal funnel created by one of the filters - well two filters.

Even the engine nameplate and this is the original nameplate, has given me a rather nice digital image.

On the way out facing the exit doors was a shelf and on it were three larger than life-size wooden carved dog's heads. No idea why they were there but had to admire the work in the sculpting of them.
As I may not manage to blog again until after the weekend I am posting some pieces that I have made grabbing the time when I could - usually during the late hours and into the early hours which is the norm for me.

After I had finished the first Egyptian wrist band I made another - very similar but using the lotus flower as the decoration. I also covered the dyed fibres with some dyed voile mache and gave it a coat of acrylic wax and some polish to try and create a more metal effect. I didn't really get the effect I was looking for.

While I was making this wrist band I was also making some jewellery - again using the lotus flower as the design source. This took a long time as it there was a lot of hand stitching. The base was made using the dyed fibres sandwiched between dyed voile mache. I used three sizes of the lotus flower and managed to fit them all onto the piece of jade fabric paper. This is the resulting set of jewellery.

This leaves me with just one more piece which I will keep for the next blog.
Now it is on to the next piece for the project and as always, the deciding what and how will take the most time.


Purple Missus said...

Very clever stuff with these photos Shirley.
And I just love the Lotus flower jewellery, really beautiful.

sharon young said...

Lovely pics from the railway museum, Shirley, I like what you've done in PS, especially the spiral stair case.
What lovely jewellery, gorgeous shapes!

Genie said...

Love the Photos and Jewellery,