Sunday, 13 April 2008

Pyramid box

It is a while since I blogged so thought I would post a little pyramid box I made a couple of weeks ago.

After all the fibre dying, I began making pieces of fabric paper using some of the dyed silk fibres. I chose the yellow fibres for the pyramid box I had planned as it represented the sand and sandstone of the pyramids.

Once the fabric was made I made a pattern of the square base and four triangle sides and fitted them onto the fabric. I wanted to maximise the fabric so the base had to be made up of the left over pieces after cutting out the four sides.

I chose to put the lotus flower motif on each side of the pyramid. This motif was digitised on my machine software and then sent to the machine and stitched out. They were then outlined with couched Japanese gold thread and gold purl.

Next I cut the lining from some thin beige felt. I made a stamp of the lotus flower and stamped a flower on each of the felt triangles and in each corner of the square base. They were then outlined with free machining.
I satin stitched the face and the lining together leaving one side open. I cut card and inserted it in the open side then satin stitched it closed. Using a right and left buttonhole stitch I stitched the triangles to the square base.

I stitched gold faceted beads to the top of each side - three with stems and one with a loop to loop and fasten the other three beads. Tiny gold beads were stitched at intervals around all the sides.

The gap between two of the sides was caused by the digitised stitching pulling the fabric. I didn't have the tension right. The other three joins are fine.

I am entertaining my grandson for a couple of weeks - it is their delayed Easter break - so blogging will be somewhat reduced until he returns to school.


Purple Missus said...

Another fabulous little project Shirley. Beautiful colour. You're instructions are great - you make it look so easy :))

Karen Hall said...

beautifully made - lovely attention to detail

sharon young said...

What a wonderful little trinket box, Shirley, I love the construction and the lotus flower is just perfect with your choice of fabric.

Aussie Jo said...

This is beautiful, thanks for the clear pictures and steps. we were just talking about making pyramids this morning at our Embroiderer's guild meeting!

vivien said...

this is lovely and perfect for keeping something small and precious in :>)

Jacquelines blog said...

What a lovely box Shirley!

hippopip said...

Thanks for your comments I don`t ever get around to making anything useful, I just like the playing aeound, Pippa

Simone said...

Lovely box, I like it so much.
Kindley regards