Thursday, 23 July 2015

Successful exhibition and workshop then back to Paris

My exhibition at the Scottish textile museum in Hawick, Scotland seems to be very successful with lots of positive feedback. I was very pleased with the way the pieces had been displayed. A lovely job.

The workshop too was very successful with everyone enjoying trying new things and some right out of their comfort zone.

The will be another workshop at the end of August.  I hope it will be as successful as this last one.

Back to my Paris project now.

On either side of the gates to the Tuileries garden which leads to the Louvre, are two towers which are decorated with oak leaves and acorns.


I used the design of the oak leave for a couple of pieces.


First I had to make a pattern.


As the original was a tower I decided to make a round  vessel. I used pelmet Vilene as the base material, painted it, added a mesh then using the traced pattern machined the acorns.  Once the machining was complete, I painted the leaves and acorns. The top edge was cut and the Vilene rolled and a base stitched to it.



I also made a bag tag of a single oak leaf.


The aperture metal windows of the Arab centre inspired a bracelet made from faux silver leather.


There are a lot of tiny silver beds on the centre of the star.

The internal tiled wall inspires another bracelet.


The architecture of La Défence inspired many pieces.  This wall of windows was first changed with a colour filter and then distorted.




This is the resulting art quilt.  I created a pattern and then traced it onto white calico.  I really enjoyed painting this piece before it was free machined.

Still in La Défence, the wonderful structure of the Grand Arch inspired this art quilt.



And that is it for now.

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Paper rainbow said...

I saw your exhibition yesterday and was so inspired. Your work is beautiful.