Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Jewellery, books and purses

Time for another post.

There will be only three pieces from my Paris project this time.  One is of the jewellery I created using part of the image of the American embassy door panel.  I used the technique of printing onto transfer printer paper for dark colours and then applying this to navy blue felt.  The pieces were then hand stitched and beaded. There is a bracelet, a necklace and a pair of earrings.


The second Paris piece is also an example of the pocket booklets that I will be  teaching in my workshop at the Scottish textile museum in Hawick, Scotland in July.  I hope to cover a number of different techniques one of which can be used for decoration on the front of the booklet.  I have chosen to use the fluer de lis design to create the embossed metal shim motif for the front of this booklet.


At the end of August, I will be teaching another workshop and this time we will be making purses.  I have already made a number of samples to help the students create their own.
We will be recycling fabric stripped from skirts and dresses no longer in use.  We will be over-dying, stamping, stencilling, quilting etc.  The following images are all the little purses I made.
The first one was created to fit into my Paris project.  It uses the stencils I made of the Paris text and the Eiffel tower.


The next one - over-dyed fabric from a skirt then quilted.


Over dyed fabric from an unused pillow case which was then stamped and hand embroidered.


Recycled over dyed fabric from a skirt then free machine quilted picking out the design of the original fabric.


This was one a long thin silk scarf. It was quilted and gold braid added.



Dyed pelmet vilene with bits of metallic sheer under a black sheer fabric which was then decorated with lines of machine patterns.

This next purse began as a 'mop up' wet wipe.

The last purse was another mop up.

As you can see, I have used a number of different mixed media techniques, all simple but effective.
I have already sent a selection of textile pieces which have been displayed to advertise the exhibition starting in July and runs through until September.  Fingers crossed it will all be successful.
Cheers for now

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ju-north said...

Such a variety and selection of beautiful ideas to work with - I'm sure this is only a portion of them whirling round your head! Great work!