Friday, 7 September 2007

Did other things

I didn't manage to spend the day stitching as I had planned but then life would be dull if everything always went to plan.
I did the shopping this morning - we all have to eat after all - had an early lunch then out to do some photography. The two best pictures were of a beautiful weathered sandstone wall and the stepping stones over a river. No people around today so could take the pictures I wanted.
I said that I would post the stitched pieces but I haven't finished them yet but here are two of the painted pieces ready to stitch.

The designs have been stamped with a 'funky foam' square stuck onto a piece of polystyrene. They are ready to be layered up with embellishments of fabrics, sheers,nets etc. and stitching.

Before I started these pieces, I had just finished a fibre piece using an embellishing machine. The piece is the profile of a bust of Queen Nefertiti of Ancient Egypt. I have been working on a project using the art of Ancient Egypt as my source material. Of course, the computer figures largely in my work using it to create designs and colour schemes. Texture always plays a big part too as with this piece.

I will definitely do some stitching tomorrow, at least until I pick up my grandson from school. Then all my time is his. He is growing up so quickly - I make the most of my time with him while I can.

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