Sunday, 7 February 2016

More of my Paris project

Yes, it is a long time since my last post but one has to priorities.  Finally finding time to write a new post.  Here are more of my Paris project pieces.
The first three pieces were created using the distortion of an image of some doors on an upper floor of the Arab centre in Paris.

Arab centre doors elongated

I used the hue slider to change the colours.  The first piece is a bag.

Distoted Arab centre doors bag

The design was printed onto fabric, free machine quilted then over painted with metallic paints.  The handle was made using wool yarn which picked out the colours in the panel and then plaited.
Here is a close up of the panel.  You will see that I have added beads for effect.

Distorted Arab centre doors bag close up

I also made a book cover using the same design although the colours are slightly different.

Distorted Arab centre doors booklet

The design was mirrored so it is the same on the back .
I have been creating a number of 20cm x 20cm panels and one of them used this design yet again.

Distrorted Arab centre doors panel

I made the box frame and stretched the finish piece over the frame.
The next four pieces used the distorted windows design which was featured in the last post but again I changed the colour palette.

Distorted La Défence bag

The first is a purse/bag.  The design was printed onto fabric, free machine quilted and made up into a bag.  The handle was wrapped twisted yarns using colours from the printed design.

Distorted La Deefence note book A5

Once again I tweeked the colour palette and created this book front. I dyed the viscose ribbon to tone in with the purples and this fastened the front, back and inside pages together.

Distorted La Deefence pocket book

This is one of my favourite little pocket booklets which again used the same design.

Distorted La Défence note book pinks & purples

And the final piece using this design is a needle case.
As I have said, I have been creating numerous 20 x20cm panels.  I have just shown one above.
Here is another one -

Little fish panel 1

This is one of several panels of little fishes.  I used a photograph I took of some little fish carved on some wood.  I used filters in PS to create different effects.  Those that I liked were printed onto fabric and then free machine quilted.   As they were very intricate , I used a very fine black thread to draw the fish.  The wavy background was created using invisible thread so that only the texture was visible and not distracting coloured thread.

Sweet pea panel 1

This is another 20x20cm panel.  It used a photograph of some sweet peas.  The image was printed onto silk then free machine quilted. It was a difficult design and I am not totally happy with it although it looks better in reality than it does in this image. I used my Inktense pencils to enhance the colours a bit and metallic threads to give it some sparkle - still not totally happy.
Well that's it for this post.  Back to an ambitious piece which is going to take ages to complete.

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