Sunday, 28 July 2013

Penultimate Venice project - I think!!

It has been a long, long time since my last post. It is that 'time fairy' again.  Not enough hours in the day to do everything.  So instead of all the reasons and 'excuses' for the delay, I will get straight on with posting more of the Venice project pieces.

The first of the pieces is a set of jewellery.  The source for the design came from Venetian glass.  I used glass gems and enclosed them in fine metal thread tubing separating them with small silver beads.


The next series of pieces came from digital manipulation of some of the images creating patterns and colours far removed from the original image.  The patterns were printed onto printer transfer paper.  I created bookmarks, bag tags, booklets and folders.  The first image is of a set of bookmarks.  The printed transfer paper was ironed onto pelmet vilene which had been colour washed first using a matching colour.  The surfaces were enhanced with embossing powders and gilding pens.


The next image is of a bag tag. This time it was ironed onto black craft vilene.


This is a small booklet.  The transfer paper was ironed onto coloured pelmet vilene.  Parts of the pattern were highlighted with a gold pen.  I stitched pale green pages inside and closed with some dyed viscose ribbon.


This is a small folder was machine stitched, picking out the main features of the design.  This machine stitching also decorated the inside of the folder which had been coloured first.  I also sponged the inside with lilac paint.


This next piece is very similar to the bookmark but this time I cut windows out, buttonhole stitched around the holes and then placed printed acetate images of Venice in the windows.  I repeated this for the back which means that it can be viewed from both sides and hence became a hanging.  Beads were added and tassels at the bottom.


I ironed the transfer paper onto black felt to create this bracelet.  It was enhanced with glass gems, beads and stitching.


I made a stencils using some of the carved stones in the wall of the Basillica.  I used these stencils to create a book cover.  I had some fabric left over from dress making many years ago - and was just what I needed.  It represented the waters of Venice.  Using silver paint, I stencilled the designs onto the surface of the fabric.  I made it into a quilt sandwich and machined around the designs.  I added some gold paint to highlight part of one design.


I always use the text of the place of a project so I digitised a distorted text of Venice and stitched it out for the flap of a bag. It was stitched over some dyed fibres made into a fabric. It was then outlined with a gold twist.


Much of the paint work in Venice is old, faded, discoloured and peeling.  I quite like old peeling paint doors and always photograph them.  I loved the colours of this door and it had been the design source for a few pieces.  This time it was the design source for a tile I created.


This is the door and the part that I used is the small square which I think is a mini door for checking who is knocking before opening.  I had to create the different parts of this square.  The raised frame was made from tissue and PVA over a strip of fancy edging wood.  I had some green wire which I twisted into the pattern of the wire in the square.  Not easy. I put them all together on a piece of stiff board.  Painted it with black gesso and the used a green interference to achieve the green patina and then highlighted with silver metallic paint.


Finally, I printed an image from Venice onto Avalon which had been coated with InkAID first.  I cut it into three panels and stitched them onto the flap of a denim fabric wich I made up into a bag.


I machined Venice along the handle.

So, that leaves just one more post to complete my Venice project.
Until then, cheers everyone.

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