Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Rusty folder

I wondered why I have been feeling so tired and lethargic of late but yesterday I discovered why. I have developed a throat infection and cough and it is affecting my ears too. However I don't feel so tired and lethargic now so the worst must be over. Just need to get rid of the sore throat and cough.

I have not been doing quite so much in the textile field as I have been learning how to create photo slide shows with music. They are usually referred to as VA's. I created my first one for my daughter's birthday - at her husband's request. It started out as just being a little slide show of her growing up but developed into one with music and all the photos fitting the words of the song.

With one under my belt, I decided to go further and use some of my own photography and create a VA I have called 'The Changing Year'. I used iDVD on my Mac to make the first one but I wanted even more control over this one so I have had to learn how to use iMovie on my Mac. I knew which music I wanted to use but I only had a copy of it on an old cassette so I had to go on line and find a new CD copy which I found and bought with a few others!!! Like my music.

I waded through all my photographs and reduced the choice down to 72 of them. I played with the different transitions and times and calculated that I needed about 8 and a half minutes. This meant that I would have to have at least two pieces of music and join them together. No probs - there is a free download of a program for editing music. It is called Audacity. I downloaded it and have learned how to use that and have now not only joined two pieces of music with fade in and out and removing bits that didn't fit at the blend but also selected a phrase of music and pasted it in to lengthen it by 30 seconds to fit my slideshow exactly. I found it all much easier than I envisaged although that is down to the two programs making them reasonably easy to use.

So I now have an AV called The Changing Year which runs for just over 8and a half minutes with music. Planning my next one now. Just looking for the images to fit the piece of music I have chosen.

Now for a textile piece.

When I was at the FOQ, I bought some Rusting powder so this piece is the result of trying it out.

I cut a piece of fabric, wet it and laid it in a tray and sprinkled some rusting powder over it then spritzed it with white vinegar.


I left it to cook for a couple of days until the depth of colour was strong enough.


It was washed and ironed ready to decide what to do with it.

I have been going through a bit of a 'can't decide what to do next' so eventually decided to use this fabric and create something. I decided to make another pad folder as it was the right size.

I sponged the surface with bronze metallic paint then ironed some black FuseFX over that followed by blue transfer foil.


Again, a chance to use up some sample bits - I painted a paper cast of a brooch and some Tyvek which had been imprinted with a stamp design using an iron.

I also dyed some yarn to couch over the surface.


The motifs were stitched in place with free machining and the dyed yarn was machine couched in a design picked up from the centre paper motif.

I painted some blue card with brusho and sprayed Starburst stains over that and sprinkled salt over that to create the mottled lining.


It was edged with a zigzag over stitch with a metallic thread.


And here is the finished pad folder which has turned out better than expected.

Now back to' what do I do next'???? Off to the workroom and hopefully.....

Cheers for now everyone.


ju-north said...

Lovely colours, lovely texture!

maggi said...

Lovely pad folder. Was this made with Sarah Lawrence's rusting powder? I bought some but have not had chance to use it yet.