Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Serendipity bits and pieces

For the last couple of weeks I have been using some of my serendipity papers and test sample bits and pieces.
I have created such a lot of these serendipity papers that it was time to use some of them and reduce the pile.
I also had a large collection of sample bits and pieces (model magic clay samples, heated tyvek samples, paper cast samples etc) which had built up over the last couple of years and needed using up so I sorted out all I had of both and began to see how I could create small pieces of mixed media from them.
This first piece used up a paper cast of an ammonite. I also used some of the left over dyed wool fibres. I made the textured creation into a padfolio using painted pelmet vilene as the base. I was able to incorporate a little bit of heated tyvek pressed onto a rubber stamp and some zapped acrylic felt with impressed model magic as a resist.

Beads and textured yarns were added and a twisted cord as a closer.

This close up shows more of the textures.
The next piece used up some model magic clay which had been impress onto a Celtic rubber stamp. It looked a bit like a shield broken into pieces so that is the theme I used. I painted the 'shield' with granite black metallic paint and then finger brushed silver metallic paint over the raised surface.
I used a piece of serendipity paper for the background and a piece of impressed tyvek painted black.
I used the Celtic stamp and stamped four of the design onto the paper which were then over stitched with black thread. Further hand stitching, beads and sequins were added.
I made some coils using silver wire and machined them in place with part of the design from the tyvek piece. A few bits of silver mesh were placed under the broken shield pieces. It was mounted on a piece of burgundy textured card - Broken Shield.

The next piece used up some samples of model magic clay spread onto Kunin felt which was then impressed with a rubber stamp and then left to set. It was then zapped with a heat gun. The clay acted as a resist.
I used another piece of serendipity paper as the background which also set the colour scheme for the piece.
I layered up the felt pieces on dyed fibres which were embellished with eyelash yarn, hand stitching and beads.
I wrapped three pipe cleaners with long haired yarn and couched them down the outsides and the centre of the piece.
Some large gold leaf beads completed the piece which was mounted on green card.

The next piece used a piece of serendipity paper cast which had been moulded over a plastic vent cover. I decided to cut the squared design into squares and create a design for a book cover. The squares were arranged onto brown velour (a recycled velour sweater from years ago) and outlined with metallic twisted cord. Beads were added to the squared surface.
It was made into a book using pelmet vilene lined with a bronze paper. I used a ribbon yarn to edge the book and make the wrap fastener.

The last piece for this blog used up some samples of model magic clay impressed with leaf rubber stamps and heated tyvek over the same rubber stamps. I also used another sample of the Kunin felt and clay resist. They were all painted with a green/gold metallic paint and highlighted with a Krylon gold pen. I simply put them into an arrangement and couched them down onto a piece of serendipity paper. This paper had been pressed onto a plastic net bag - the kind you buy oranges in - and so had the net design embedded into the surface. It was made into another little folder.

I am finishing off another two pieces but they will have to wait for the next blog.

As usual I have a couple of images from a walk we did a couple of days ago. I saw these wild roses in the hedge along the path up to Roseberry Topping - our highest local peak. We didn't climb to the top. We settled for half way.

On our way back along this same path we spotted this Painted Lady butterfly on the thistles.

I spent most of today working on more serendipity pieces but moved everything into the conservatory with all the windows open to make the most of the lovely weather. It was so nice to work while listening to the birds singing and the water fall in the pond. Hmmmmm.

Ok that's all for now.
Cheers everyone


solange bonnet said...

Your textures are wonderful!! I love them.
I'm glad to see that our way of working is similar. I also combine the remains of my experiences. Bravo it is very successful.
Regards. Solange

MargaretR said...

Those are wonderful Shirley! I must think of doing something with all my samples too. It would be such a pity to be precious with them and then when I'm gone, they will all be 'skipped'. I can just see that skip now, brimming over.